Outdoor Motion Detector LED Lights

Outdoor Motion Detector LED Lights
Product Details


led floodlight 

Working Voltage :85V- 265V 

Power: 10w,20w,30w,50w,70w,100w 

IP65 OEM welcome 

Die Casting Aluminum body Outdoor led floodlight 


1) High brightness with good heat sink 

2) Easy installation and maintenance 

3) Tempered glass: heat-proof, crash-proof 

4) Reflector in pure aluminum 

5) Steel bracket 

6) Stainless steel external nuts and screws 

7) Heat-resistant silicon rubber seal ring 

8) Die casting Aluminum Body 

9) Multiple-color for customers to choose: Red, green, blue, yellow and white 

10) Power consumption as low as 10W while lumen output equivalent to 50W halogen bulb 

11) No UV, IR or other deleterious radiation. 

12) No mercury