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COB LED bulb light advantages?

LED bulbs, LED light manufacturers and sellers to promote, in every household, familiar to everyone, but COB led bulb light, there may be a lot of people still don't know much about.

COB led bulb light is it? It is mainly using the COB light source, COB light source LED chip is directly attached to the highly reflective mirror metal substrates on the rate of integration of high photosynthetic efficiency of lighting technology. Then, use COB LED bulb compared with traditional LED bulb light, what are the advantages, Foshan LED lamp manufacturers to introduce.

1, the advantages of LED lamps with high brightness, low power consumption, COB led bulb light compared with traditional LED lamps, their brightness, high brightness, but COB led bulb light power consumption is lower.

2, COB led bulb light is flicker-free design, no ultraviolet radiation, more conducive to the protection of clear, green and healthy.

3, COB led bulb light color better, have a better visual effect, perfect takes on real color.

4, COB led bulb light without glare design, compared with traditional LED bulb light, softer lighting effect does not glare, emitting more uniform, more suitable for the home and children.

5, stable COB led bulb light circuits, circuit design, optical design, thermal design more scientific, less solder points, no patch, no reflow, electroless plating, in the production process, the processes have decreased by almost one-third, costs are saved one-third.

As can be seen from the above, COB led bulb light in the LED lights on the basis of a progress, will be the future of lighting design in mainstream, has a great future, presumably LED lamp manufacturers focus of the next production.