IP65 Waterproof LED Shower Tube Light

IP65 Waterproof LED Shower Tube Light
Product Details

led shower tube light

Product Description

1) Low power consumption, energy saving and safe

2) IP65 waterproof rating, perfect for both outdoor and indoor use

3) Dustproof, corrosion resistant, aging resistant, durable

4) Each bulb turns on and off one by one in sequence and quickly just like meteor shower in the night sky, very beautiful

5) More sets can be connected together to meet your actual needs

1、Product type: paster/hollow
2、Light Source: LED/SMD
3、Voltage: 12V/24V/110V/220V/240
4、Rated power: 0.06-0.08W per bulb
5、Product diameter:3.0cm/2.3cm
6、Waterproof: IP65, for outdoor or indoor use
7、Working temperature: -20 to 45℃
8、Package: carton packaging:560*50*50mm

General Usages:
Christmas tree or Halloween illumination,Showcase or window displays,Restaurants or bar decorations,Home or garden decoration,Wedding, birthday or party illumination,Market Engineering lighting,architectural decoration,decoration of trees along street,Parks decoration,decorative river,urban night lighting, etc